Concierge Medical Plan


  • No Consultation Limits

  • Free Blood Work

  • Medication Discounts


This plan is designed in cordination with the Healthcare Charity USAS to help reduce the number of emergency room visits and provide access to care for those who are either unable to afford insurance or who have lost coverage for other reasons.This falls in line with the mission of the charity. Our concierge medical plan is not a substitute for comprehensive health coverage which includes dental and mental health services. Employers with a small number of employees may also benefit from this plan.



Plan Rates

Individual: $500/year with $20 copay per visit.


Family : $1200/year with $15 copay per visit.

Family can be up to five members. Additional family members can be added to plan with half off individual rate ($250)


Employer Rates

Employers or group rate:

Morethan 4 employees: $460/ year with $20 copay per employee visit.

Employee Family Plan : $1000/year with $15 copay per family member visit. Limit to 4 family members.


Note: To enroll in the plan. You are expected to pay atleast $300 for individual plans and $600 for family plans.




To Schedule An Appointment

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